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Integrating an Android Github repo with Travis Ci

I have spent a bit of time to integrate my github repos with Travis CI . Travis is a hosted continuous integration service for the open source community and it is very popular, but I saw very few open-source Android projects which are using Travis. The main reason is that Travis CI's build environment provides different runtimes for different languages but it is not pre-configured with Android SDK, build tools, therefore it requires some knowledge. First of all, I am not an expert! The first steps to integrate travis with Github are very easy. 1. Sign in with your GitHub account and authorize Travis. Here you can find more detail about permissions . 2. Activate your projects in your profile page Then the real focal point: 3. Add .travis.yml to the root of your repository . In order for Travis CI to build your project, you need to tell the system a little bit about it. First, declare language . It tells Travis CI which language environment to select for your projec