ActionBarCompat and NavigationDrawer

In previous posts I talked about new ActionBarCompat.

In this post we'll try to use ActionBarCompat with the NavigationDrawer.

If you have already implemented a NavigationDrawer with ActionBar, it is very easy to migrate to ActionBarCompat.
I will use code I wrote with post Creating a Navigation Drawer.
Here you can see steps:

First of all you have to add ActionBarCompat to your project.
In your Activity you have to extend ActionBarActivity.
Change getActionBar() with get getSupportActionBar().

Pay attention with invalidateOptionsMenu().
You have to change it with supportInvalidateOptionsMenu();

It is very easy!
Some last tips:
Be careful not to use attributes that work only with API 14+, like ?android:attr/listPreferredItemHeightSmall or ?android:attr/textAppearanceListItemSmall.
In this case you can use different styles using folder values-v14.

Be careful with menu width. Older devices can have very small screens. It could be a good idea to use different width, with a default 240dp, and a value of 320dp only with large screens (with folder values-sw320dp).

That's all... it works...(and certainly can be improved).

You can get code from GitHub:


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